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an acorn in the dog's food

꿈보다 해몽이 낫다 » the interpretation is better than the dream

My name is Paul and I work as an English instructor in Uijeongbu (의정부), a city in the north of South Korea. I've been using LiveJournal since 2003 and have been documenting my experiences in Korea since arriving in August 2007.

The name of my blog comes from a Korean proverb: 개 밥에 도토리 » An acorn in the dog's food. Since dogs don't usually eat acorns, it's likely that one would be left uneaten if offered to a dog in its food. This proverb gets used as a way to describe something or someone that is out of place.

Popular entries on my blog deal with Daoism in Korea, Kimchang - Winter Cabbage in Korea and Alsace, Ulsan and Whaling in Korea, School Uniforms, and Taepyeongmu.