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One of my university friends, Jon, is in Korea for the summer to pursue physics-related research at Korea University. We met for dinner last week, and over the weekend we went out to Dobongsan (도봉산), near my home in Uijeongbu, for some mountain hiking. Spending five hours trekking between a few of the peaks left me feeling pretty exhausted come Sunday night, and may also help to explain my blogging silence over the past couple of days.

Yeah, we went up that. Fortunately, there are steel cables to make the process a little easier.

Jon pointing at something in the distance. | The city of Yangju is hiding behind the ridgeline.

Panorama of Seoul (on the right) merging into the city of Uijeongbu (on the left)

Small Waterfall & Korean War Bunker

Information about Um Hong-gil (엄홍길), the first person to climb all 16 peaks of the Himalayas

Jon has more photos from our hike uploaded here.


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Jul. 4th, 2009 01:25 pm (UTC)
Great photos. Can't wait to attempt to hike Dobongsan. Is it a tough climb?
Jul. 4th, 2009 03:08 pm (UTC)
Re: Dobongsan
Hiking up to Hoeryongsa and Hoamsa (both accessible from Hoeryong Station) is fairly easy and shouldn't take very much time. I'd imagine either can be accomplished within roughly 30 minutes if you don't stop at the creek or take pictures along the way. Hiking up to Mangwolsa (from Mangwolsa Station) is a little more difficult but I wouldn't consider it arduous.

Once you continue up past Hoeryongsa and Mangwolsa temples the path does become tougher, but a lot will depend on how much hiking you've done in the past. My friend, Jon, is from Alaska and didn't have any problems during our trek. I'm new to hiking and felt pretty tired after we'd been going for about three hours. (I think it's the stairs that got me!) Still, in five hours we managed to hit three different peaks, so you can definitely tailor your trip to how energetic you're feeling on the day. There's also a section - here - that requires using steel cables to pull yourself up, so your upper body will also get a workout.

Hope that helps!
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