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do birds and bees believe in love at first sight?

Don't ask me why, but on a drive home some time before the winter break began I had Wendy ask what I find attractive in a girl. I named off four or five qualities that seemed fairly broad, yet after the brief silence that followed she claimed that I was "too picky". I'm not really sure what made her think my choices are so picky, but they pale in comparison to some of the things I heard others say during high school. Guys who only wanted to date a girl if she was, for example, 1.7 - 1.75m and 54kg with blonde hair. Quite absurd, really.

While physical appearance has some bearing on perception¹ it doesn't seem as important to me as personality traits anymore. Oh sure, there's nothing to say that my views are any better than what gets advertised at the check-out counter of the local grocery store, but if I'm going to be a fool I might as well be a hopelessly idealistic fool. Thinking up my list for Wendy, there was one particular girl I had in mind that seemed the ideal fit, but having told her about my feelings already it's just a matter of waiting to see what the future brings.

Hearing Wendy's response to my answer, I then asked what qualities she looked for in a guy. Her reply? She was interested in dating a picky guy. Whether she meant me or someone else altogether is certainly open to debate. This does raise the question though - what does everyone else hold important in terms of finding others attractive?

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¹ Check out Goffman's "The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life" for a sociological description.
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