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calender girl

About a month ago one of my former classmates, who is no longer attending university here, called to ask for a favor. She wanted to make custom-designed calenders for her immediate relatives as Christmas presents, and the cheapest price was from the university's copy center. I'm still not entirely sure why this girl asked me to help her out given that she must know several other people on campus and we were never very close in the first place. However, the Calender Girl (as one of my flatmates nicknamed her) was willing to do all the work and mailed me some money for the copies, so it didn't seem like it would be much.

Three weeks later, and everything fell apart. The carefully researched details included with her package didn't match the options at the copy center, and while the student manager initially confirmed the Calender Girl's price quote as accurate, he called later to say that it would be $160 rather than the $40 that had been included with the package and instructions. At first she wanted me to pay the difference, but after hearing the doubt in my voice she changed her mind and just had the copy center make four calenders rather than the eleven she had initially wanted.

I dropped them off during my drive to Oregon last weekend and she seemed quite happy - but her family likes them so much that she called to leave a message asking me to make more copies after classes start. Usually she only calls to complain about her school or work, so I'm beginning to dread hearing from the Calender Girl. Is it worth the time and effort to make her more calenders?

And here you probably thought I'd be talking about pin-up models ...

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