PiU (samedi) wrote,

à l’aéroport

Last weekend MK left to fly home for the winter break. I wasn't expecting her to spend the night at home, and was a little surprised when that's what she decided to do for the evening. The three of us went out for dinner at a local Thai restaurant and had a couple of people come over to visit before Wendy's ride came and picked her up for the drive to Seattle. As the night wore on MK and I shared a bottle of peach merlot while watching episodes from the second season of Lost - staying up past three o'clock in the morning. Earlier in the semester MK and I started watching the discs that Ling had given me before she left for Hong Kong, and ever since then it's been an activity that we always do together.

The following day we went up to the airport for MK's flight, and during our wait in the airport lounge we shared some of the peanut butter chocolate kisses I had packed for MK at our apartment. One convenient aspect about chocolate kisses is that you can substitute them for the real thing during a conversation - and while that might make it sound like you've never left the sixth grade, it can also be a nice way to give someone a 'kiss' in a semi-crowded place like the Spokane International Airport. Boarding was eventually called for her flight, and after she passed through security I wanted in the parking lot until the time MK's plane was scheduled to depart. (this can be seen as either romantic or tacky - but you can judge that for yourself)

MK called from Seattle to let me know that her flight had arrived safely, but just as the arrival of her connecting shuttle was announced the electricity went out at the airport. What horrible timing. No food, no heat, no power. Fortunately a compromise was soon worked out, and after hearing about the outage during a second phone call I received a third from MK to let me know that she was safely on the plane. A little over four hours later she called again to say that she had made it home safely.

It was hard to wait patiently while she sat in the dark for her flight from Seattle; not that my presence would have fixed the problem any faster, but at least then I could have offered her one of my fingers to eat for some extra nutrition (something we joke about quite often). Her mom seemed a little surprised that I wasn't coming too, but plane tickets are too expensive now for me to afford one on short notice. Oh well. The important thing is that she made it home safely.

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