PiU (samedi) wrote,

on the look-out for manatees ...

Ships come out of the fog like ghosts. First you catch a shadowy silhouette, then the form solidifies into something you can recognize. A few moments later and the smaller details start to come into focus. If you're not careful, a collision can spell the end for you both.

Halfway between Colfax and Othello the sky turned into a thick grey, with visibility reduced to about five car lengths. Passing slower traffic was an interesting experience, as I was constantly worried about oncoming cars jumping into existence from out of the murky void. However, the most unnerving obstacle so far was a semi truck that had drifted over the central lane divider to take up both lanes of traffic. Fortunately the shoulder was wide enough for me to avoid an accident, and here I am in Ellensburg to get gas before heading through the mountains. Now I have an idea how Captain Bering felt as he was exploring the coast of Alaska - minus the part about getting lost, running aground, and being forced to eat sea cows (manatees) to survive.

Talking with my aunt last night, she told me to drive safely and avoid any backroads along the way. Little does she know that Highway 26 is nothing more than a country backroad with a speed limit of 110 km/h. The view of snow-covered buttes over empty fields is quite remarkable though. And thus ends my one rest stop between the university and state capital.

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