PiU (samedi) wrote,

when it rains it pours (and gusts)

Last week, during finals, a strong windstorm swept through both the western and eastern halves of the state. There's nothing like sitting in a classroom on the second floor and trying to focus on answering questions correctly for an oral exam while the temperature outside drops below freezing and the wind is howling by at 120 km/h (75 mph). The power also flickered for a brief moment at our apartment, which makes me wonder how many students were late to their final exam on account of alarm clocks that were no longer set to the right time.

Still, the situation here was a lot better than how things went along Puget Sound. News reports claimed that approximately one third of the region's residents were without power after the first day - and this is a region that includes most of the state's larger population centers. It's been two weeks now and some people are still waiting for their electricity to return. My flatmate from Seattle has been staying with a friend because the power at her apartment has been out for the past sixteen days; fortunately she's flying down to see her sister in California tomorrow.

One week she has a car accident, the next is finals week, and after that she returns home to find her apartment freezing and without power. I hope she has a fantastic time down south to make up for everything that's been happening to her recently.

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