PiU (samedi) wrote,

medical anthropology

Last week was the end of the semester, but despite having registered for seven classes I only had to worry about three final exams and a research paper. While it's true that the research paper gave me a real headache - due to how it kept growing until it became double the page requirement - my other work wasn't that bad. Medical Anthropology was probably the easiest of the bunch, with a fifty question multiple choice test weighted as the most important part of a class listed as a 'writing in the major' requirement. Surprisingly, the exam was on mercredi and my score was posted online by the following day.

The Breakdown:

092% Midterm Examination
095% Research Project
115% Article Abstracts
094% Final Examination
098% Final Grade

My registration for the spring semester was over a month ago, but it wasn't until this past weekend that names were matched to the classes offered within the anthropology department. It looks like my Anth 405 (Medical Anthropology) professor will also be teaching my Anth 468 (Sex, Evolution, and Human Development) course in the spring. Her claim at the start of last semester was that she would make the class interesting through a combination of fun stories and plenty of swearing; the former usually dealt with her ethnobotanical research on the Caribbean island of Dominica, while the latter was generally used when discussing mainstream American society and habits. Overall, she did a decent job covering all the material, and I'm a lot happier having her as an instructor than the professor who handled my Anth 499 (Research Problems) class over the summer and early fall.

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