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sinhalese lions, tamil tigers, and jvp bears ... oh my!

Contrary to my fears at the beginning of the week, my Sri Lankan research paper due on Monday was only meant to be an ungraded draft rather than the finished article - which is good, because I didn't finish. I exceeded the minimum page requirement (with five of my eleven pages written in the three hours leading up to my deadline), but it will likely be another five or six pages before I'm done talking about everything from my original plans. However, the problem now is that it's been five days since I last looked at my paper; after working on it for 36 hours straight it feels extremely hard to start writing again. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to continue from my last stopping point?

Our professor has a habit of underlining key points and figures while reviewing papers; apart from that his only other comment was written on the title page: "An excellent draft. You have focused on deep historical roots. I applaud that (as a Historian), but you may want to address more contemporary aspects of Sri Lankan Buddhism and the current conflict". I haven't even gotten to that part of my subject yet, but it sounds like everything else meets his expectations. Quite the relief considering this is an assignment worth 40% of our grade.

I can't wait to have this paper finished.

* An interesting aside about the title is that it not only makes reference to The Wizard of Oz, it also applies to the conflict in Sri Lanka. A Sinhalese myth claims that the first Sinhala king was the grandson of a lion and a princess, the principal minority group on the island is represented by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elaam, and the dissident Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna is a coalition between communist Buddhist monks and nationalist Sinhalese forces.

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