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It's interesting to see how the notion of home is perceived on a university campus. With winter break coming in two weeks' time the question of what everyone plans to do is coming up with increased frequency, and one of the main areas of inquiry involves returning 'home' over the vacation. A classmate from my Chinese conversation course commented at the start of the week on how much he was looking forward to seeing friends back in Alaska, while even students with closer ties are excited about leaving campus for three weeks.

It's been more than five years since I moved out from my parents' house, and my old bedroom has been converted into a crafts room for my mother. Moving here last summer and thinking about the change made me realize that the location of my bed was as good a definition of 'home' as any other. Even if it isn't a permament relocation the majority of my belongings are here rather than back in Olympia. However, this does make things a little awkward when anyone asks me about going 'home' for university holidays - but might explain why so many people, upon seeing my room, claim that it actually looks like a bedroom and not dorm housing. Then again, it also could be on account of my Caucasian rug and random piles of books hiding in unlikely places. Who knows?

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