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glass slippers?

Having the apartment to myself earlier in the evening, I decided to sit at our kitchen table to spend time thinking about what to make for dinner. Nothing really came to mind, and thirty minutes later I found myself waking up with my head pressed against my arms on the tabletop. There have been a couple of other times when this has happened in the past - mostly while doing homework at the table - but this was the first time I've slept in such an odd position, as both my arms were completely numb from the elbow down when I finally got up. Awkward at first, painful later when the feeling started to return to my limbs.

Added to that, while attempting to do the dishes I found that one of my glasses had been broken - when I grabbed a shard of glasses laying in the bottom of the sink. This is the second time one of my glasses has mysteriously broken without my knowledge, although the first that I've come across the remains myself. The rest of the pieces were sitting in the sink - or so I thought, until I stepped on one that cut up my foot. It seemed like a simple pin prick puncture. Instead, any time I put pressure on my right foot it starts bleeding again. To top it off, my next-door neighbor has his bass cranked up when all I really want to do is eat my Chapagetti noodles and lay down for a bit.

What a perfect way to spend a Friday night - alone, annoyed, and in pain.
Edit: I complain too much.

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