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It's been raining off and on for most of the past week and, while there are a few people who have complained about the recent change in weather, I don't really mind. It reminds me of conditions in the western half of the state - my home from the first day of preschool until two summers ago - and the change is really quite refreshing. Yesterday after work I walked out to the bus stop as night was falling and found the sidewalk littered with earthworms. Usually it's so dry here that I never see nightcrawlers; imagine my surprise to come across some larger than the twigs that had fallen during a recent flurry of wind.

One of my favorite things about Olympia is how there were times when a light drizzle could become a downpour. Everyone caught outside would get soaked, and while that might be inconvenient if you had a lot to carry around it never struck me as an annoyance. There's also the delight of walking in the front door, your clothes so wet they stick to your body, and then changing into something dry and warm. Then again, maybe this is a sign I've spent too much time out in the rain?

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