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Another day and still no internet. Rumor has it that they're working on the problem, but unless the whole system suffered a critical meltdown I'm a little bemused at the length of this delay. As much as I love waking up one or two hours earlier than usual to do my online homework at the university it might be a little more convenient from the comfort of my own apartment.

Wendy is gone for the weekend and Min is out having dinner with her fellowship group, which leaves the apartment feeling more than a little empty. During the second week of classes Min persuaded me to join her for an American Social Dance class, and now our trips to the Moscow Social Club on Thursday nights are one of the highlights of my week. We've covered east coast swing and salsa in class, but also picked up the basics for lindy during yesterday's free lesson at the social club. Min is by far my favorite dance partner, although my inability to finish a 'yoke' with her might give her a different opinion about me (which she'll probably refute when she reads this).

She was asked to dance by a number of guys last night, but having her ask me for the lone salsa and our last dance of the evening - as well as my asking for a few dances in between - was enough to keep me smiling for the rest of the night. Which, in this case, lasted until three o'clock in the morning due to my editing a paper for Yuko and working on my own homework.

Last week a guy came to the social club wearing an Italian National Team shirt, leading me to whisper a comment to Min about how that was grounds for me to challenge him to a fight outside. Min said she'd cover my back, but nothing ever came of our scheme - although the guy did kick me later in the night while we were out on the dance floor with our partners. I'm sure he didn't mean it ... otherwise I'd have to send Patrick Vieira and Zinedine Zidane over to his house to share a few words. And maybe even Mr. T for good measure.

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