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1906 >> 2006

Racing Club de Strasbourg is currently sitting in fourth place within the French Ligue 2 and are only four points behind neighbors and league leaders Metz. Not bad for a club of limited means that lost almost all of their main players over the summer transfer window. With the club celebrating its centenary year it's everyone's hope - apart from a few sore losers in Sochaux and Nancy - that the main name of Alsatian football returns to the French elite after just a single season in 'purgatory'. The new maillot for this season looks very classy, but a price tag of 60 euros plus shipping may keep me from purchasing one for myself. Maybe it can be a present to myself if I finish the semester with high marks?

In other footballing news, playing twice a week with veterinary doctors is turning out to be a very painful experience. In the past month I've had someone stomp on my ankle wearing cleats, the ball has been kicked in my face with enough force to cut open the inside of my mouth and leave me bleeding for an hour straight, and I've been elbowed in the head so hard that my glasses were knocked off and bent out at a 45' angle. Fortunately they were my old pair and not the glasses Mimi bought for me in Daegu. If this keeps going I may lose an arm or leg before too long. But hey, at least I'm surrounded by doctors and vet students, right?

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centenaire blanc 070 yf

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