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how to make friends and influence people - à la mode française

Of everyone I know there are really only two people that can make me stay up all night without a reason why. One of them is my flatmate Min, and the other is Hye Sung. Last night I was up past midnight talking with the former, and while preparing for bed I started a conversation with the latter that went on until four o'clock in the morning. I've spent the last couple of days complaining about how nobody seems to call me, so Min rang my phone as a surprise the other night while we were studying at a cafe. I have the best flatmate ever.

While searching for postcards to get Hye Sung yesterday I ran into Violet and one of her friends at the university bookstore. Her friend was actually a close classmate from high school in Hong Kong, who was up visiting during a break from her classes at university in San Diego, and we all went on a tour of the campus together. We have plans to play mahjong later in the week, and as we started to go our different ways after an hour-long stroll Violet's friend asked if Violet would take a photo of the two of us together. Violet had left her camera at home, but mine was in my backpack, and we had our picture taken. And why would she ask for a thing like that?

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