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passport stamps are optional

I took advantage of our extra day off last weekend to visit i_phianassa in Vancouver, British Columbia. Unfortunately, the queue waiting at the border was close to a quarter-mile long and took a full hour to get through; by the time we met it was already 4:30 on a Sunday afternoon and most businesses were preparing to close for the day. Still, we were able to catch one of the historic tram rides through the city which passed by graffiti-plastered walls, construction zones, and a small grove of trees near Granville Island. Perhaps not the most glamorous route, but it was fun all the same.

We also saw a random baby left on a bench near the science center that hopefully belonged to one of the patrons exiting the tram. Isabelle then led me through Chinatown and within sight of Gastown - two areas of the city which I've heard it's best to avoid. My reply was to drag Isabelle into every book and music store we encountered on our way back to the beach. All without buying a single thing.

If anyone asks, my weekend involved a jaunt across an international border and a walk down the much-traveled and mysterious Silk Road. All this time and I never knew it passed through Canada.

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