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fall semester

Oh yeah, before I forget to mention it I should probably point out how tomorrow is the first day of the semester here. One year in Pullman and one year to go. I'm finally starting to find my place here and before long I'll be gone and on my way to something new. One consolation to this is that most of the veterinarian students I spend time around will be graduating at the end of the year as well - we're all roughly the same age and moving in similar directions, even if in different fields. And none of us has any idea what comes next.

I made a schedule of my classes and decided to post it here for anyone who cares enough to look. My hours at the vet hospital aren't included, as my supervisor didn't realize that classes resumed so soon, but at least I know how much I'll work in a week. I've also agreed to spend more time on Centrafrique research, although it's anybody's guess when that will take place.

ANTH 405: Medical Anthropology
ANTH 499: Special Problems in Anthropology [Research]
ASIA 373: Chinese Civilization
ASIA 474: Caste, Religion, and Ecology in South Asia
CHIN 101: Chinese Language, First Semester
T&L 333: Introduction to Teaching English as a Second Language

Trying to earn a minor in Asian Studies within two semesters might be a little stressful depending on the number of papers assigned in class, but an added bonus is that those courses also fulfill the upper-division requirements necessary for graduation. At that rate, why not include Chinese language classes which may come in handy if I find myself wandering the steppes of the Uighur Autonomous Region or trying to read hanja in a Korean newspaper. Heck, I bet it looks good on a C.V. as well.

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