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Once again the sprinklers around our pitch were left on much longer than necessary, resulting in yet another marshy bog in front of one goal. Naturally it was the goal for my team, and by the time we finished playing three of the doctors were covered in mud. One of them was scheduled to resume work at the hospital at the end of our two hour match; presumably he was able to wash up before performing any surgeries. A girl kicked my leg with enough force to make me start bleeding, but after scoring my first goal since joining the doctors for their twice-a-week games it was a lot harder to notice the pain. Droit à But and all that.

Oddly enough, the university sent me an informational flyer in the mail promoting their Office of Diversity and Equality. While it is true that I'm a few years older than the average undergraduate it doesn't look like either of my flatmates has received a similar notice. I'm surprised they overlooked sending one to Wendy given that she is both older than me and an international student. Go figure on that one. However, this does remind me that classes start next week!

And to close this entry out on a celebratory note ... Happy 46th Birthday, Centrafrique!
Maybe next year I'll be celebrating no. 47 with you in person?

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