PiU (samedi) wrote,

playing in the rain & macropus rufogriseus rufogriseus

It was raining last night as everyone assembled for our football match. The nasty weather meant fewer people showed up, but as the clouds drifted past we were soon playing under three different rainbows arcing over our field. I played like Gheorghe Hagi during the match - which is not to say that my dribbling skills matched those of the Romanian maestro (although they are getting better) but rather that I had taken to the pitch without any socks. There's a tear in the side of my Adidas that has a tendency to let in all manner of muck and it's much easier to wash my feet than it is to get mud stains out of fabric.

It grew dark within an hour and startled to drizzle a little after that, but despite the call of "next goal wins" we played on for another sixty minutes. By that time it was hard to make out individual players on the field and we were all so exhausted that most everyone clumped together in midfield save for those immediately involved in the action. I received a cheer from everyone on my side after running after a loose ball - I had made it there just before one of the doctors but he forced me off to the side with his elbow in an effort to gain possession. I returned the favor by sticking out my own arm as we returned to the ball and the ploy worked, pushing him wide and allowing me to pass back to our keeper to the hoots and hollers of my team mates.

The internet was out at our apartment last night and I haven't been home to check on it since leaving for work this morning; hopefully everything is back in working order now. In other news, the wallaby admitted last week died after having a tumor removed. While it was nice to spend time with a Bennett's Wallaby I would have preferred seeing it leave under better circumstances ...

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