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Another day, another match. For the third week in a row my side played facing the setting sun. This made it difficult to see what was going on across the pitch, although there was a patch of shade in front of our opponent's goal. Most of our players hung out in that area and it showed in the final score, 12:7 in our favor. Between being an outsider (neither a doctor nor a vet student) and not being much good I don't see much of the ball unless I steal it away from an opponent - which usually means I'm not comfortable trying anything until we're two hours into the game, and by then it's almost too dark to play.

I finally stopped by the exotics ward today to visit a wallaby that was admitted earlier in the month. Walking into the ward felt like entering a mad scientist's lair - fish tanks bubbled along a wall, cages with rats and chinchillas were scattered across the main room, medical records and loose paperwork filled up virtually every nook and cranny, and the side room devoted to birds of prey was buzzing with activity. One of the receptionists led me to that part of the hospital before returning to work; when she left I was the only person there. The unnamed wallaby had been admitted for emaciation and looked rather subdued in its enclosure.

Other patients in the room included a blue heron, golden eagle, great horned owl, tortoise, and well-aged iguana. There were a number of hawks, falcons, and kestrels located in the next room over, but I didn't spend much time there since my presence seemed to disturb the birds. I'd been told to watch my step around the puddles of liquid on the floor due to the biochemicals used by the exotics department; while there were no warning signs posted in the ward that doesn't mean my shoes aren't a potential biohazard. Between you and me though, that seems rather unlikely.

Coming around full circle, the first game of the Ligue 2 season saw Strasbourg play Dijon at the Stade de la Meinau. The Alsatians dominated play with nothing to show for it, the side from Burgundy missed a penalty, and the match ended 0:0. Shouting at my computer screen during the live text feed does not appear to have done much good.

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