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on the sporting life & otaku sam

Thursday evening saw me join the DVMs for another two hours of soccer (/football) in the heat. We were joined by a few students from the university's engineering department and enough people were present to have a team of eight against a team of nine. I was on the side with fewer players, and of course we were playing with the setting sun in our eyes. Good ball control is not one of my strong points but I try to make up for it by running until I fall over from exhaustion (rather like Frank Riberry of les Bleus). During a break up the right wing I had the ball get a little too far away - when a player from the other team came to steal it away we collided and I fell to the ground.

The next thing I knew I was bleeding from both of my legs. I didn't think that was possible on a grass field? Later on I had two shots at goal hit me in the same part of my rib cage. Plus, there's a bruise the size of a dollar bill (or, as I am prone to joke, the size of Rhode Island) on my right leg that must have come from someone kicking me, although I can't remember when it would have happened.

Friday afternoon included four hours of racquetball with Violet and Derek while the temperature outside was 38°C (100°F). We played cut-throat rules for three people and met up after the game (and showers) to watch a movie at Derek's apartment. Unfortunately, Otaku Sam was already there when I showed up. I would have turned around and immediately walked out if it wouldn't have been so rude - that's how much I dislike the guy. He spent most of his time playing video games while Josten and I discussed the European transfer market, but when it was time for dinner he complained about chopsticks for a good ten minutes.

I was quite surprised to see that he had absolutely no idea how to use - or even hold - chopsticks in view of his self-proclaimed infatuation with all things Japanese. It looked like he had never touched a pair before. His girlfriend and I both tried to explain how important it was to never leave chopsticks standing upright in one's food but Otaku Sam waved our advice away as 'garbage' that wasn't important. When I said that was important information to know as one of the basics of etiquette his reply was that people would forgive him if he didn't bother learning "all those minor details". I think disrespecting someone's dead ancestors ranks a little higher than a minor detail - but if he wants to be an ignorant jerk I suppose that's his own business. If he doesn't want to change his attitude my only other hope is that he never leaves the country.

We have another football match scheduled for Saturday (four hours from now) but between the heat and the volume of the air conditioning machine outside my window it's impossible to fall asleep.

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