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a story of eight . 팔 vs. 폴

One thing I forgot to mention about visiting the Ku family last month is that I was wearing a new shirt at the time. By itself this is nothing too significant, but it did result in an unexpected reaction that afternoon. My shirt was a brown, orange, and white polo with a map of Spain and the words "Viva España" embroidered over the left breast, plus "ocho" and an arabic numeral eight (8) printed on the back. When Kyo Wook saw the reverse side of my shirt he started laughing and called his sister over to have a look. Jung Ah thought it was hilarious as well, which was also a sentiment shared by their mother when she saw it later.

I was a little confused over the source of their merriment, but Mrs. Ku cleared away the mystery when she pointed out that my name was on the back of my shirt. I knew from talking with Jung Ah in the past that the number eight in Sino-Korean (팔) is pronounced almost exactly the same as the name Paul (폴), but hadn't made the connection in relation to the polo. How fitting?

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