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During a conversation with my entomology professor near the end of last semester I was asked about my favorite part of my job. Seeing the variety of animals brought to the veterinary teaching hospital is probably the most enjoyable aspect, but when I told that to my instructor he commented on how only sick animals end up at the vet hospital and cited his own pets as an example - "the only time I go to the vet is if my dogs look like they're going to die". The high point of my shift isn't looking at cats and dogs though; instead, it's discovering random things about the clinic's patients, like which species of raptors the university is treating or the unusual names that breeders give to their alpacas (an inexplicable trend that mirrors racehorse nomenclature).

However, one animal I would like to see in person is the mother wallaby and newborn joey that were brought to the hospital yesterday. Come to think of it, I should ask about visiting the pair while they're here for observation ...

I can't believe it's been ten days since the conclusion of the World Cup. Without a doubt the main item of controversy involved Zidane's decision to headbutt an Italian defender deep into extra time. The score was 1:1 at that point, and with the way some people described the event you would think that the resulting expulsion was the whole reason France lost. In fact, the match continued after Zidane was sent off.

The real reason why the trophy now resides in Italy is because Trezeguet was the only player from either side to not score during the penalty shoot-out. When the squad list was announced on 14 May I complained about his inclusion here on livejournal. He receives a lot of publicity but I've never been able to figure out why. I rag on him all the time, but as he set the ball down in the six yard box I recited a silent prayer that he would prove me wrong. The rest, as they say, is history. Trezeguet missed, and amidst my tears I watched Italy win their fourth World Cup.
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