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doctors and fútbol

Last Wednesday one of the doctors from the vet hospital (DVM for short) was asking around to see if anyone had recorded the final of the World Cup as he had been out of town and missed the game. I offered to make him a copy once my aunt sends the second batch of DVDs to me, and after talking for a bit Dr. Mordechai invited me out to play a pick-up game with a few of the other doctors the following day.

Eighteen people showed up that evening (although Dr. Sanz from Argentina was not one of the clinicians in attendance) and we played for 2½ hours until night started to fall. It's been close to four years since I last played football for any length of time, and even with that my past experience has been out in parking lots with tiny nets or shopping carts for goals. Playing on a grass field is a little different, and it wasn't until the end of the game that I started to feel confident in my ability. I hung out in defensive midfield for most of the game and helped my side to a 3:2 advantage. As the sun sank toward the horizon it was decided that a golden goal would determine the winner, and less than thirty seconds later the other side scored. To the victors go the spoils, and our punishment was 30 'burpies' for conceding first.

We played again on Saturday and my first touch took the ball away from a player preparing to shoot on goal - unfortunately, my second sent the ball to his team mate who promptly scored. From now on I'm going to show up on time to games so I always know who is on my team and who isn't. Playing without my glasses also doesn't do much to help. I was only 15 minutes late but that goal made the score 1:2 in the other side's favor. Most of my time was spent on the left wing, and at one point I dribbled around three defenders before setting up an assist to Dr. Mordechai - but most of the time the guys on my team will call for the ball before I've even taken two steps. Meanwhile, the girls playing will usually yell out openings rather than demanding anyone pass to them.

I almost got on the score sheet with a shot that curled around my marker toward the upper left corner of the goal, but the goalkeeper managed to push the ball away with his fingertips for a corner. Maybe next week I'll have better luck. We came back from a goal down to win, 6:4. My legs still feel sore a day later though.
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