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igneous groundmass and les coussins (oreiller)

Naturally after complaining about the laziness of my cockroaches the other day I found Hemingway firmly attached to the side of his container while doing laundry earlier tonight. And on the subject of washing clothes, it was quite the adventure navigating to our laundry room in the dark. My obstacle course was made up of the apartment's sprinkler system arcing across the sidewalks and a giant chunk of porphyritic andesite (a type of volcanic rock) used to prop open the laundry room door. I made it through the sprinklers but stumbled over the rock in my effort to turn on the lights. Plus, while my 'pink' shirt is now back to its normal white, a pair of my pants now has a strange, green, gummy substance at the bottom of one leg. I'm beginning to think that our laundry room might be cursed ...

I saw the last half of Along Came Polly over the weekend and was slightly amused at their treatment of throw pillows. The complaint brought up in the movie is that they're only used for show because nobody actually sleeps on them, and that one of the characters wastes eight minutes of his life every day removing or replacing them. I own four throw pillows and have used them all at one time or another. Each of them shares a faux Thai design in what might be described as blurry stitching; with two (red) pillows bought for my old couch and the other two (yellow) pillows for my bed. It was more convenient to sleep on my couch during the 2002 World Cup and 2004 Summer Olympics and my throw pillows saw extended use as a result. Is that such a bad thing?

Then again, it's not like I care if my lifestyle mirrors today's pop movies. Hmm. Except perhaps the Indiana Jones trilogy - I wouldn't mind if my life were a bit more like that.
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