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lightning crashes

I drove home in a lightning storm last night.

I was coming back from a friend's apartment at two o'clock in the morning and noticed a flicker on the horizon - and while my first thought was that it might be from a street light in the distance my opinion changed when I saw a lightning bolt streaking through the clouds. I was the only person out that late, alone in an area of grassy fields. Before leaving my friend's place I was disappointed that I had to start work in six hours but now I'm glad I stayed as late as I did. Lightning storms are not something I see very often and I was quite willing to enjoy the experience while the opportunity was there. I heard later that the storm was concentrated around Spokane to the north and left parts of the city without power this morning. And we might have another one tonight.

At the start of the week a receptionist at the vet hospital brought in Amish Friendship Bread to share with everyone at the office. Amish Friendship Bread, for those not in the know, is the chain letter of the baking world. You start with a cup of yeast culture and prepare it to yield four cups - one to make the bread, one to keep for yourself, and two cups to pass on to friends. I don't think the receptionist brought any yeast to share, nor did I try any of the bread myself. I guess this means we're never going to be friends?

Last Saturday I caught the match between Germany and Portugal. Despite constant reminders from the announcers that the average third-place play-off results in at least four goals the first half ended scoreless. Germany came out attacking in the second half though and it paid off with three fantastic goals. The only reason Portugal managed to draw one back (and Germany didn't go on to score five or six) is because Jürgen Klinsmann made substitutions to bring on new players who hadn't had playing time in the World Cup. How is that for great coaching? Full time, Germany 3:1 Portugal. Germany take third place!
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