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blood, birth, and the second semi-final

Despite the nice weather here in town I spent most of the weekend indoors. The main exception to this was on Saturday, when I tried opening a jar of pickles and the skin from my burned finger sloughed off - following that experience I went outside and sat on the stairs leading above our apartment to bleed in the sunshine. I've also acquired a three inch long cut under my right knee that I can't explain. Shouldn't a person notice receiving a wound that large?

Neither of my cockroaches have been very active recently. Pārvatī should be due in the next couple of weeks, and when you consider the 20 to 50 nymphs she's carrying around in her abdomen it's no wonder that she isn't all that active. Not that I'm complaining. I'll never know what it's like to carry around a single offspring - let alone three dozen - but my guess is that it has to be a fairly life-altering event. While at work today I overheard a DVM recommend an extra large dose of calcium for a pregnant sow, but I don't know if that would help an insect.

I was able to catch the semi-final between France and Portugal after work last Wednesday, although the lecture hall was filled with a group of 20 Brazilians who were all cheering for their fellow Lusophones from across the Atlantic.

When Ricardo Carvalho brought down Thierry Henry in the sixteen yard box for a penalty after 33 minutes the Brazilians at the vet hospital all shouted "no" in unison - until a second camera angle showed the Portuguese defender falling over and repeatedly hacking at the Frenchman's legs, which led to nods of consent that the referee's decision was correct. Still, remarks here on LiveJournal make it seem like nobody in Portugal was privy to that same replay. Zidane converted the penalty to the delight of the French fans in Munich, who began singing "La Marseillais" at the end of the match. Full time, Portugal 0:1 France.
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