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on roast beef and making babies

I can always tell it's Thursday at work because everyone congregates around my work area to make it nigh impossible to reach any of the medical records. The graduate students at the vet hospital have a series of presentations in the morning once a week that include free food and juice, with the leftovers brought to our part of the hospital. The lure of free food is enough to entice all the receptionists over to the cart and into my work space, which makes it a little difficult to get anything done. It's like coming across a convergence of vultures due to the speed with which they finish off any leftovers the graduate students may have left behind.

In preparation for the match between Argentina and the Netherlands two weeks ago I wore my Argentina maillot and was surprised when one of the receptionists at work called out "Hey! Argentina!" as I walked through the door. It turns out that one of the doctors is from Buenos Aires and had worn her jersey as well - so everyone already knew what the large AFA stood for on the front. The receptionist was so impressed that she called Dr. Sanz and had her come upstairs to see that she wasn't alone in supporting the Albiceleste.

Our introduction was a very informal affair, with Dr. Sanz coming up behind me and demanding an explanation as to why I was wearing an Argentina shirt. From the tone of her voice it sounded like a wrong answer would have meant my death, but the fact that I'm alive to write this now suggests that my answer was what she wanted to hear. My hope was to have our picture taken together before one of the games - Dr. Sanz in her home kit while I wore the away version - but luck wasn't on my side. I didn't have a camera with me for the match against the Netherlands. The victory over Mexico was on a Saturday. The quarterfinal against Germany was during the middle of my shift - and Argentina's loss on penalty kicks means I won't have another chance.

Even if things didn't work out in that regard my supervisor was quick to point out how, now that Dr. Sanz knew about me, she would probably want to have my babies after seeing me in an Argentina shirt. Great. So what's the guacho equivalent of Marvin Gaye and Otis Redding? [ reference ]

Watching the second quarterfinal yesterday was a painful experience. Ukraine spent most of the game passing the ball around Italy's penalty box waiting for something to happen, which was pretty and ineffective all at once. In a way it felt like watching somebody jerk off. Bringing on a forward (Воробей) for a defender (Ващук) after the first goal was a good idea, although I would have preferred seeing Byelik added as a third forward earlier in the game. If you're already down 0:3 in the quarterfinals what do you have to lose?
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