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the day before & boba

The temperature was 28° C (82° F) when I went in for work at eight o'clock yesterday morning. It may have hit 40° later, but I don't really know. What I do know is that I was outside moving boxes of medical records and large wooden pallets between two different buildings dressed in a heavy polo shirt and baggy pants - not the best clothing to be in considering the heat. Despite my numerous stops at a nearby water fountain I probably looked like I was in the midst of walking across the Sahara. Of course, this may also go some way toward explaining the fourteen hours I spent asleep after work.

I also made a colleague blush without meaning to yesterday. I was picking up some forms from the Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (WADDL) and shared a quick 'hello' with the girl working behind the counter, which is all we usually say to one another. Her shirt looked rather nice that morning, and when I told her that on my way out the door I could see her face brighten by several shades of pink. It was only meant as a simple compliment but she seemed eager to wish me a good morning when I came in again today. Hmm.

I did laundry earlier tonight - although I forgot to wash my 'pink' clothes from last time - and already one of my white towels has blood on it. Go figure. I also unpacked a box I'd brought from my parents' house while waiting for the dryer to finish. Mostly new clothes, but other goodies included new reading material from a newly-discovered bookstore (Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond) plus new music (Songs of the Banyan: Folk Music of Vietnam) and a new movie (Serenity) that I purchased while visiting my old coworkers at the music store. I also consumed more than my fair share of bubble tea while visiting my parents; unfortunately there was still no sign of the Boba Hut (technically the Boba Tea Station) since their mysterious disappearance last winter.

My last paycheck from work hasn't shown up yet. I tried calling rurisue to see if it might have been delivered to the house instead but she hasn't returned any of my calls. Maybe she's dead? I wonder if I can have the university's payroll department issue me a second check if the first never arrives ...
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