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01.   I woke up later than expected last Friday and decided to stay at home instead of rushing out to catch the second half of the match between Argentina and Serbia & Montenegro. With some extra time to spare before leaving for work I turned on the computer and noticed a friend signed in at the same time. This is someone I always look forward to seeing online, although this time it was actually her older sister on the computer as my friend was watching the game. Her sister offered to get my friend for me but, despite her efforts, the prospect of having a conversation with me was no match for the dazzling play of the Albiceleste.

You might expect a person to be disappointed in such a situation. I was happy knowing that my friend was so interested in the World Cup and only slightly bemused at not getting the chance to talk with her. Finding girls who play football in the United States isn't hard - the real challenge is finding girls who enjoy watching the sport. Plus, it didn't hurt that my friend's sister called out the fourth, fifth, and sixth goals from Argentina for me as the match reached its conclusion. A girl who can't talk because she's watching a World Cup match gets two thumbs up from me. Really. Or perhaps a Ronaldinho 'hang-loose' sign would be more appropriate ...

02.   As of yesterday afternoon I am 500% happier with my job. One of the lecture halls in the VTH is showing all the World Cup matches, which means a big screen, loud volume, and other fans who have no qualms about shouting in response to bad calls, missed shots, and fantastic goals. And I don't have to worry about missing the last 15 minutes of the early morning games as I walk to work - I'll already be there.

I've heard that some of the faculty don't agree with using university property to televise the World Cup, but the information technology supervisor went straight to the hospital director and explained how it would 'improve facility, faculty, and student morale' to show the games - and the director agreed to let him show the games so long as we don't publicly advertise that fact. How cool is that? I watched some of England - Sweden after finishing work yesterday and received instructions on how to operate the computer console and projector so I can come in on my own and set everything up in the mornings.

I think everyone there is a vet student but me, and there's a strong chance that I was the only person in the audience yesterday with English as my native language. Not that this really matters - they seemed happy to have another fan in attendance. Only 2h 45m until the next match starts and I still need to get some sleep ...
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