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anchorage and elsewhere

Min flew back to Alaska last night. We'd been talking about her departure and reluctance to go home for the past week, and while she thinks I should be excited over having the whole apartment to myself I would much rather have the extra company. After buying her ticket Min began to have second-thoughts about leaving but reasoned that it was too late to change her mind since she had already paid for her round-trip airfare. Instead, she suggested we both go to Alaska together. A tempting offer, but without a job lined up in advance it would probably be too expensive for me. Conversely, I tried convincing her to stay and help with my research project, yet for some strange reason the lure of upper-division anthropology credit wasn't enough for her. Go figure.

Min, Tj (her 80% boyfriend), and I went up to Spokane for dinner and shared bulgogi (불고기), bibimbap (비빔밥), and jang-au gui (broiled/grilled freshwater eel) at a Japanese-Korean restaurant by the airport. Despite being a minor hub the airport looked quite nice, with automated check-in, large windows to let in plenty of natural light, and a much cleaner atmosphere than what I'm accustomed to seeing in Seattle. Then again, this could also be from receiving less traffic as well.

Our conversation ranged across a number of topics over dinner, and during a discussion on travel it was revealed that Min and Tj have never been to Canada before. They both looked excited when I proposed we head north at the end of the summer and we've started to make tentative plans for the trip. The question now is whether we'll have time to visit both Victoria and Vancouver before classes start in August.

Most everyone is gone for the summer now. Min and Tsukasa left on Monday, Yuko and Aya on Friday, Ling went home at the start of the month, and Takashi stopped by thirty minutes ago to say goodbye before his flight to Japan leaves in the morning. Stella's leaving at the end of the month as well, but hopefully we can do something together before she moves. Maybe a game of dominoes at the zoë café for old time's sake?
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