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Despite my best efforts to prove my body wrong it looks like I can only live on two hours of sleep a night for so long. I think the worst part is that it's easier for me to stay up late than it is to wake up early in the morning. Waking up at five o'clock to prepare for the first game's kick-off has been gradually wearing me down. Friday night I decided to sleep in without setting my alarm in the vain hope that my body would get enough rest while still waking up in time to catch the day's matches. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I missed all three.

My professor gave me the weekend off from doing any work on our research project, which was greatly appreciated. I should have used the time to catch up on work due at the end of last week, but the odds of that happening during a World Cup were always going to be slim. After she saw the annotated bibliographies I had prepared she commented on how my writing was at a very high level, which was nice to hear, although also slightly confusing given how she had received recommendations from both the president of the university's Anthropology Club and her husband - who taught my Anth 331 course in the spring - that I would be the best student for the job. I guess seeing is believing.

The weather over the past week has alternated between gorgeous sunshine and hailstorms with thunder. Usually the weather report warns of both, so my morning starts with the difficult choice of whether to wear light clothing and shorts or layers with a coat. I have yet to guess correctly.

On the subject of personal dress, I'm contemplating the purchase of a 1970's Australia Home Retro Shirt.
Any opinions?
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