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on watching the world cup

If there is one event that can capture the attention of billions it is the World Cup. While it is generally recognized to be the premier sporting event by 98% of the world's population, the spirit of o jogo bonito has yet to catch on in the United States. Didier Drogba's goal for the Côte d'Ivoire against Argentina saw myself and four other people cheering with delight, but apart from that and my telephone call with Min during the match between Togo and Korea this has been a fairly solitary affair for me.

I've had some problems watching games as well. Not only don't we have cable at my apartment, but my work schedule means I have to miss the last ten minutes of the day's first game, all of the second match, and the opening ten minutes of the third game. I've been trying to watch as many games as possible at my old house, but this has also been problematic. Before moving out I had mentioned dropping by to watch some of the fixtures, but on the first of the month I received a call from rurisue asking me to pay for the next month's rent at our house and turn in my key. I may only have a limited amount of experience on the matter, but if a tenent is paying to live somewhere don't they usually get to keep a key in return for their payment?

We reached a compromise in a matter of seconds (a $400 check for her, a house key for me) but it didn't take more than two days before I heard from her again. This time the call was to let me know that she had moved her things out of the house, her brother had moved his things out of the house, and the television was gone for good - which meant no World Cup games for me. Yet, oddly enough, when I stopped by to drop off my check her brother was still living at the house and the television was still in place. What am I supposed to think of that?

Usually I have the set to myself for most of the morning, but near the end of each match rurisue's brother comes out after getting ready for work - which has also caused a few problems. I certainly don't mind sharing the experience with others (in fact, there are a couple of people on my friends list who I would love to be with during games) ... but this guy keeps talking and talking. If it were about statistics, understanding the rules, or asking about team backgrounds that wouldn't be so bad, but instead he drones on about why rugby players don't like gridiron tackling styles, how he can't believe they don't 'call plays' in the World Cup like they do in American sports, and mindlessly repeating the garbage aired on ESPN Sports Center.

I try to help when I can and ignore him when I can't, but it's hard. I'm contemplating death threats to shut him up, but keeping to them would require taking my attention away from the game. Next time I'll know better - order cable, if only for two months. It's worth it.
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