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The weather was supposed to be fairly nice today, with a slim chance of thunderstorms, which led to my going without a coat when I left the house this morning. As the second half of the South Korea - Togo match was getting underway I heard a strange noise coming from all sides of the house, and when I peeked out the window to see what was going on I noticed hail the size of golf balls cascading down from out of the sky. I actually went out in the deluge with someone from the house to check on his car, if you can believe that. Despite our best efforts to huddle under his umbrella to avoid the worst of the precipitation we were still stung by several stones that came in from an angle or bounced up from the street.

I called my flatmate to share the news with her, and as I had gone two days without sleep by that point my internal clock was screwed up to the point where it felt much later than seven o'clock in the morning. After she answered the phone I felt rather guilty for calling when I did, but the hail had already woken her up and she seemed happy to receive an update on how Korea had equalized through a 54' strike from Lee Chun Soo. Once again I left for work with ten minutes left on the clock, but Ahn Jung Hwan's volley at 72' was enough to earn Korea their first victory outside Asia in the World Cup. Full time, South Korea 2:1 Togo.

Surprise, surprise. After last evening's results Australia are at the top of Group F ahead of Brazil, Croatia, and Japan. Who would have predicted that at the beginning of the week? Congratulations to the Socceroos!
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