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allez la côte d'ivoire

The World Cup starts today. I will be working during both the opening match of Germany vs Costa Rica and the follow-up game between Poland and Ecuador. We also don't have cable at our apartment, so calling in sick wouldn't accomplish much in that regard. Of all the dumb luck.

During the last edition of the competition (in 2002) I watched 63 of the 64 total games - a feat made possible by the difference in time zones between the United States and Korea / Japan. When the games are scheduled for 1:00am and 3:30am it's easy to make room in my schedule; this time around I'll be lucky to watch half that many on live television. However, there is a French football site I frequent which should include highlights of all the goals if not full matches. Life just isn't the same without watching the Coupe du Monde every four years.

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