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lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate

Another siesta this afternoon, as the temperature reached 30°C (85°F) by the time I was finished with work at noon. I slept for another five hours today, and when I woke up my room felt much cooler than it had when I first arrived home. However, going upstairs for food turned out to be another matter altogether, as each step brought an accompanying increase in temperature. The ordeal seemed like the inverse of Dante's descent through Hell, hence the subject title for this entry. [*] The temperature must have been at least 10°C higher in the upper floor of our house - a veritable Inferno of its own, if you stretch the meaning to encompass the Tuscan translation of the word. And what did I make for myself under those conditions? A bowl of chocolate chip mint ice cream.

I guess my ribs are just bruised from all the coughing I've been doing; hopefully they heal before too long.
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[ * ] The title translates as « Abandon every hope, those who enter » and comes from Canto III of Dante Alighieri's most well-known work.
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