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Either a donkey came in the middle of the night and kicked me in the chest, or my ribs have decided to start squeezing my lungs of their own volition. It's becoming painful to breathe, but the good side of this all is that I don't cough nearly so much during the day (or in the evening, if my current condition is any indication).

I finished work at noon today and the temperature was already 27°C (80°F). Rather than attend class today I decided to go home and rest, falling asleep for five hours before Stella woke me with her phone call. She told me that the temperature had reached 38°C (100°F) earlier in the day, which seems a little strange given that it snowed just a week ago. Despite her claim that she isn't interesting enough to spend much time on the phone we spent close to an hour chatting, most of it from her end as I was too stuffed up to contribute much.

Tomorrow is supposed to be just as hot, and I'll be moving boxes around at work.
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