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Mother's Day officially ended twenty-two minutes ago. In addition to calling my own mother and grandmother to wish them well I also took the time to telephone Mimi, Mrs. Ku, and the Store Owner's Wife to express my appreciation for the work they put into being good parents.

Mimi and Mrs. Ku put a lot of effort into providing for their kids, especially given how they both have husbands who are living overseas (in Korea and Russia respectively), and have to do all the work on their own. Giving them recognition for that is the least I can do to show them that someone has noticed and cares. My conversation with Mimi didn't last very long, but she'll be coming out to Pullman in August to attend Saeng Min's orientation when he starts university here in the fall, so we'll probably get to see each other then.

I spent a lot longer on the phone with Jung Ah (is anyone surprised?), and while we were chatting her mom said something in the background in Korean. Jung Ah translated, and said that her mother wanted me to come over and visit their home as soon as I could. Oh, how I miss the Ku family. It was a year ago this week that I was helping Jung Ah with a report on Incan culture for one of her classes; now here I am at university studying about the very same subject. Kyo Wook made his school's soccer team and is planning to get his driver's license this summer - this is before Jung Ah will get hers, so I joked about how he should charge his sister if she wants to go anywhere. Mrs. Ku is also doing well, and she thanked me again for my time tutoring Jung Ah and Kyo Wook last year. Really though, it was a tremendous amount of fun to spend time with them, and hopefully I can visit them this summer - going to the beach again, or just tossing a frisbee back and forth at a nearby park.

The Store Owner's Wife was surprised to hear from me, but loved the fact that I was calling people besides my own mother. Inok, you're not the only one impressed by the sink in my new apartment either, it seems. They invited me over to their place for a barbeque the next time I'm in town on the condition that I came in transportation other than the Peugeot (which is significantly funnier once you know that all the work I've done on my car has been over at their house). And if I am published, the Store Owner's Wife made me promise to send her a copy of my work. I think I can do that.

In other news, I'm eating coconut jasmine rice at two in the morning and it feels like a horse has kicked me in the chest. I can't wait to be healthy again.
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