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I was supposed to get plenty of sleep yesterday morning, but that was before I found out that Ling's commencement ceremony took place at 8:00 am. The weather that morning was perfect - bright and sunny with the hint of a breeze in the air - and as soon as all the diplomas had been awarded through the College of Liberal Arts everyone gathered outside to enjoy the occasion. I spent time with Ling and Ambrose, met Ling's mother (who had flown in from Hong Kong two days before), and watched as our area gradually filled with other graduates from Hong Kong. The air was soon sprinkled with conversations in Cantonese and the sound of camera shutters snapping closed around us, and as I didn't want to get in the way I stepped back and let the others share stories and laughs about the past four years and what the future might hold in store for them all. I was soon joined by Stella, who looks a bit like the New Territories equivalent of a goth and skater mixed together, and we chatted for a bit before she had a friend take our picture together. She gave me her number as well, although not as a gesture of romantic intent.

I napped intermittently throughout the rest of the day, but even with all of the extra rest I'm feeling worse now than I did on Friday. The coughing fits in particular are one thing I could definitely do without right now. You know it's bad if I'm actually drinking water (although it's not so bad where taking medicine is a temptation).
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