PiU (samedi) wrote,

le week-end

I spent sixteen hours over the weekend studying for one of my finals with two classmates. I think the time was well-spent though, as the exam didn't seem too daunting. Yuka called on Sunday, as I was walking home from a cafe, to ask for some clarification on the Mayan civilization and was quite impressed to hear me list off information without consulting my notes. Oh, the city of Tikal had a population between 40,000 and 70,000. Takashi was with her at the time, and even he was surprised. It's not like I deliberately memorized that statistic, but looking at the same collection of pages over and over again ought to make it a lot easier to recall information on short notice, right?

The weather in Pullman has alternated between bright, sunny skies with perfect early summer weather and chilly temperatures accented by extremely strong gusts of wind. I saw Yuka perform a traditional Japanese dance on Saturday night, which she had invited me to attend, and later in the evening she mentioned how I was the only one of her friends who had come. Most of the people she invited said they wanted to devote the entire weekend to studying for finals, although it was still surprising to hear that no one wanted to take a 30 minute break from studying to see Yuka dance. On Sunday I met with Ling to study, but by the end of the night we had switched to playing dominoes instead. I've had her mahjongg set over at my place for the past month, and Ling told me that evening that she wouldn't mind if I kept it, as it's too large for her to bring home to Hong Kong.

And how is it that her mahjongg set has been in my safe-keeping for the past four weeks?
Well that, my friends, will have to wait until another time.
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