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is the week really over?

[ Taung Child | Australopithecus africanus | Anth 260 lab ]

I'm still a little surprised that I managed to finish all my assignments this past week.

I went without sleep on Monday and wrote a ten page paper on Brazil's use of the WTO TRIPs agreement to effectively 'blackmail' multinational pharmaceutical companies into offering AIDS medication at reduced prices. Tuesday was set aside for recuperation, while Wednesday was another night without sleep as I wrote a ten page paper on the fast food industry's influence on cattle herding - using gauchos from Argentina and cowboys from the American West as examples. I also spent some time taking photos of hominid bones during my Biological Anthropology lab, as you probably noticed. Thursday night was supposed to be when I prepared a care sheet and 50 minute powerpoint presentation on silkworms (Bombyx mori) but, rather than work on a project worth 100% of my final grade, my body decided to fall asleep instead. I woke up at six o'clock the next morning and spent the next three hours putting together a slide show that you can download here if you're feeling particularly bored.

After finishing with work Friday afternoon I went and laid out in the grass for a couple of hours. It was nice to feel the sun on my face, a gentle breeze floating through the Palouse, and countless blades of grass beneath me. Quite the contrast to being locked away in my room during the early hours of the morning, scrunched over a keyboard and feverishly typing away.

Next up: Finals Week


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May. 2nd, 2006 04:12 am (UTC)
I was reading a post off of the Korean group and subsequently ended up reading keeneyedgirl's journal. I'm American, but my girlfriend is Korean. I noticed you said something about tutoring Koreans. How was your experience with that? I'm going to be doing the same when I move to L.A. I just moved to Washington from New Orleans, but I'm not digging the scene and got an offer to be a live in tutor and teacher for my girlfriend's aunt and uncle.
Any advice on the tutoring/teaching? Sorry to hijack your post.
May. 2nd, 2006 06:15 am (UTC)
I don't mind the hijacking at all, so there's no need to apologize!

I tutored a few Koreans last year and the year before, both adults and high school students, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. One of the adults was in Washington for 12 months through a government exchange, and he was interested in spending four or five hours every week practicing his conversational skills - so we talked about everything from astronomy to tax practices. The other adult was someone who wanted to improve her grammar, and we used a workbook with assigned 'homework' every week.

Everyone was extremely nice and easy-going, and after working with one person I was recommended to a few other people in the area - so if your girlfriend's aunt and uncle like your approach there's a chance they might do the same for other Koreans they know living in L.A. Knowing a little about Korean customs will probably help quite a bit, especially if you're working with people older than you.

As for advice, I would probably start off asking how they want to improve their English and then plan something from there. Grammar books might help, or if they hope to feel more comfortable using English in everyday conversation it might be worth organizing a series of subjects that you'll talk about, with key terms and concepts related to the subject prepared in advance. Other than that, I would try to keep things light-hearted enough where they enjoy spending time studying with you but serious enough where they won't question your commitment.

I hope this helps, but if anything else comes to mind don't hesitate to ask. Good luck!
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