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My Anth 331 paper is due in approximately thirteen hours. It took most of yesterday before I managed to decide on a subject, although the title required considerably less effort - The Enigma of Cross-Cultural Exchange Between Arctic Societies. Now I have to finish my research and write six pages before tomorrow morning. This assignment is worth 15% of our grade in the class; not doing it would still leave me with an 83%, but I would much rather end the semester with a higher score than that.

I suppose this means it's back to the world of the Arctic Small Tool Tradition, and the cultural traditions of the Pre-Dorset, Thule, Dorset, Inuit, Aleuts, Chukchi, and Nentsy. It's rather intriguing to ponder how groups can interact for centuries without influencing the art, technology, and subsistence strategies of one another - and while the mystery of Dorset and Thule exchange has caught the archaeological imagination for decades now, I have yet to find an article detailing a similar occurance between the Thule or their Inuit descendents with pastoralist groups in Siberia. For all I know this could be a regional counter-example to the 'inevitable' trend toward globalization that we're seeing today. Or maybe I've been looking at ethnographic and radiocarbon dating studies for too long. Whatever the case, there are journals calling for my attention now.
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