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daughtery award

On Friday morning, after the excitement of the night before, I met with my Cultural Ecology professor to go through my presentation and see what still needed improvement. As we were setting up she mentioned how there had been a meeting of the faculty from the anthropology department the night before, and one of the topics under discussion was the Phyllis and Richard Daugherty Award. She explained how the award is given to one undergraduate each year from the university's anthropology department, and that students are chosen based on a combination of their grades, leadership, and professor nominations. Not surprisingly, with qualifications like that, it's regarded as the highest undergraduate award within the department.

My professor said that she had submitted my name for consideration, and last night during the faculty meeting it was announced that I was the recipient of this year's award. My professor laughed as she described the scene - most of the professors sitting and figuratively scratching their heads (the university is ranked among the nation's top five for archaeology, and archaeologists make up the majority of the faculty) while two of the school's cultural anthropologists started clapping enthusiastically.

It was a little hard to concentrate on my presentation after that, and as I took the elevator downstairs to return a projector my restraint finally broke and I made a fool of myself in the relative privacy of a public elevator car. Rather fittingly, this took place in College Hall, home to the Anthropology Department.
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