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My archaeology report came out to ten pages, single-spaced, with an additional seven pages of sketches, tables, and photographs. I took a two hour nap from 6:00 to 8:00 and didn't finish writing everything until ten o'clock this morning. Earlier in the evening Violet had invited me over for dinner, and after we had finished I asked Violet and Derek about their reports. They both said that the assignment was so exasperating that they only put in the bare minimum to finish the last few sections, giving up midway through writing a description of the site's artifacts. Lacey, Takashi, Yuka (from my excavation team), and Roseanna (from another team) all told me this morning that they rushed through the last half of their papers as well. I tried to take my time, but when all you have is upper-surface photographs it's a lot harder to judge whether rock forms were manufactured as part of a tool kit (i.e. show a bulb of percussion) or if they were broken through natural geologic processes. I'm pretty confident in my work, although at the same time I know it's not at the highest level that I'm capable of writing.

I'm sitting here at the café again, and a raspberry truffle chocolat chaud might be the only thing keeping me awake at the moment. The musical selection playing in the background tonight has been fairly interesting - with Maroon 5, Daft Punk, and Michael Jackson all getting some airtime. Should I be worried that the majority of the staff here automatically knows what I'm going to order as soon as I walk through the door?
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