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surrendering to the archaeology gods

I finished chatting with Yuka a few minutes ago and heard that she's given up on her archaeology report. She finished all seven sections that we're supposed to write about, but said that she didn't put much effort into the last couple of parts because she has so much other stuff that needs to be done. When I asked about the length of her report she said that it was five pages. Her first report was fourteen pages long, so this is quite a contrast. I'm a little worried about how she'll be graded, but another girl in our group was telling me just the other day that her first report was four pages long and she still received a [ B+ ] for her work. Yuka is pretty smart, so even if her paper isn't very long I'm sure she'll still include a fair amount of information and finish with an insightful analysis of the data recovered.

Mine, however, looks like it will be another tome. After finishing the second section my paper is pushing five pages; no doubt I'll eventually give up later tonight when I realize there isn't enough time to write about everything, but I'm still going to try my hardest until then. Initial estimate of the final page count: 12
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