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Wendy thinks I hold my phone like a girl.

She drove back to Seattle yesterday, and during our conversation over the phone she said that she might come back to Pullman the next day - promising to stop by my house at 3:00 a.m. if she did return. Considering how Wendy spent the build-up to Halloween threatening to throw water balloons at me I don't know if I should prepare for any April Fool's jokes or not. When I pointed out how I only ever saw her alone or with her student (who she tutors in Mandarin) she mentioned how her boyfriend had "left" and that their situation was like that between Violet and myself. What she meant by that is beyond my comprehension at the moment.

I slept far too long last night and now I'm tired again as a result.
Work is going well, although the mail kind of scares me.
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