PiU (samedi) wrote,

from the author of "guns, germs, and steel"

The deadline for my submission to the Asian Studies conference is tomorrow and I still can't decide between two possible titles. This, of course, means I'm going to post both here in my journal in the hope that all of you reading this will offer an opinion on which you think is better. And the choices?

« How to Survive in Forgotten Asia »
« How to Make a Living on the Edge of Asia »

Abstract: Pastoral groups have often been seen as less successful than agricultural societies, yet despite being pushed to marginal regions across the globe many groups have managed to preserve their traditional way of life into the Twenty-First Century. This process holds true for Asia as well, with the Chukchi of Siberia and Kazakhs in Central Asia finding a way to utilize limited resources to survive in habitats considered inhospitable to many living in contemporary industrial societies. However, rather than view these groups as holdovers from an earlier era, it is important to recognize just how well-adapted they are to the marginal environments they currently inhabit. As foreign as the two cultures may seem compared to a modern urban landscape the fact that they are still practiced today is evidence of their success.

There's a good chance I'll mention drinking blood during my panel presentation as well; think that will get a reaction from people? Plus, I went and saw Jared Diamond present on the subject of Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed last night - but the details will have to wait for a time when I'm not using a computer in the university library
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