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I helped proof-read a paper for Tsukasa the other night, and in doing so I had the interesting experience of using a laptop keyboard set up for both English (well, Latin) and Japanese characters. All of the letter keys were in the same place as the standard QWERTY set-up, but some of the accessory keys such as the colon, hyphen, and comma were not where I expected to find them. In addition to this, one key is responsible for switching between characters in the two languages, so there were several times when I thought I was typing in a correction when I was actually adding a stream of katakana to the middle of a paragraph.

Overall it was much easier to use the keyboard on her laptop than it was to negotiate the one used by the Sibut family in France - which contained enough similarities at first glance to fool me into thinking I could get away with touch-typing my messages without any errors occurring. Oh, how I was mistaken. Typing accented letters such as [ â ] and [ é ] wasn't as easy as I thought it would be, but then that might also explain why my friend Julia never showed much interest in using them during our conversations online.

Tsukasa also asked if I had any plans for the end of next week, as Friday happens to be Violet's birthday. I told her I would be available, but I have no idea how that will turn out. It was interesting to hear Violet tell me during one of our conversations near the start of the semester how, for the thirty months she dated Wendell, he never once bought her a present for her birthday, Christmas, or their anniversary. I'm all for rejecting consumerism, but still, that doesn't mean you can't hand-make something instead. This was also after we had exchanged gifts for the Lunar New Year, so it didn't exactly take long to beat her ex-boyfriend's tally.

Last month I said that I was going to buy her a copy of Remember the Titans for her birthday (it's her second favorite movie), but we found a copy on sale a week later, and rather than wait and hope I would be able to find another one between then and now I bought it that afternoon and gave her the movie after we returned home. I wonder if that still counts as a birthday gift if it was given so far in advance? Most likely ...

ES Troyes lost to Rennes while Strasbourg drew at home against Lille OSC. Two points from safety!
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