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I may not be that interested in archaeology, but at least it gives me some interesting news to share with my family when we talk over the phone: Oh, yeah, we found some obsidian cores today, a few chert flakes, lots of straw, and the jawbone of a pig ... yes mom, a pig.

The university is sponsoring another Up All Night activity today; considering what happened at the last one it might be in my best interest to stay at home tonight. I also have three anthropology exams next week, but since this is the start of the weekend I'm worried that my housemates will stay up later than normal and make enough noise to keep me from studying or sleeping well over the next three nights. The guy living in the room next to mine is particularly bad with this, as it's been seven months now and I still have to remind him every other week that the house 'quiet time' starts at midnight on weeknights. I heard that he flunked out of the university ... maybe that's made him bitter?

I stopped by the post office earlier but arrived ten minutes after they close for the day. I was hoping to mail a card to Australia, and rather then make a second trip tomorrow I decided to attach six stamps to the front in the hope that would be enough. With more than $2.00 in postage affixed to the upper corner of the envelope it ought to be sufficient to pay for a trip across the Pacific Ocean.

Strasbourg pulled off a win away to les Verts last weekend; hopefully they can do the same at home against Lille this Saturday.
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