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Strasbourg were knocked out of the UEFA Cup yesterday following their 2:2 draw at home against FC Bâle. An early goal seemed the perfect start, but with six regular starters ruled out through injuries it was always going to be an uphill battle.

Josten took his copy of FIFA 2006 to play during spring break, but last year's release has been sitting next to the television for the past week and the temptation was finally great enough for me to try playing it this afternoon. What was originally intended to be "just one match" soon turned into seven hours in charge of Le Mans Union Club 72 and a rise up the league standings in the French second division. Messages come up from time to time during the game that mention how success at a smaller side will lead to bigger and better clubs coming around to ask for your managerial expertise, and while I'm sure most players aim for the likes of Real Madrid, AC Milan, or Chelsea my hope is to one day have the chance to manage Racing Club de Strasbourg. Yes, I'm probably crazy.

After spending so much time thinking about le foot français I also realized that, on a bad day, Ulrich Le Pen looks rather like a pedophile. And no, that's not him in the photo - the man in the suit is Jacky Duguépéroux, current manager of Strasbourg.
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